• April 24, 2024
  • Updated 12:20 pm

Using A Gate Pass Management System, You Can Improve Workplace Security.

Using A Gate Pass Management System, You Can Improve Workplace Security.

Security has risen to the top of every organization’s priority list as a result of the COVID-19. To protect themselves from the virus, offices must transition from a manual to a digital system. The manual system does not provide adequate office security. As a result, we hear about a lot of cases of robbery and other such malpractices where there is no proper security system. Many organizations and other industries have begun to use visitor management software, also known as visitor gate pass software. This Visitor Gate pass management system records the visitor information in a digital way. 

Make your office save with the Visitor Gate Pass Management System!

A Visitor gate pass Management system is required to secure the office. This system monitors and manages visitors to your workplace. The Visitor Management System includes a variety of features such as visitor time of arrival logging, digital check-ins, pre-registration, NDA agreement, and so on.

  1. The visitor management system prevents unauthorized visitors from entering. This system verifies visitors’ information and restricts their access to only certain areas.
  2. To protect the office from the covid-19, this system screens visitors by asking health-related questions, registering personal information and the purpose of the visit, approving the visit, issuing a gate pass, and retrieving the circuit pass during the inspection.
  3. To protect the office from viruses, the Gate Pass system allows for touch less check-in. Users can check-in without the assistance of another person and using their own devices.
  4. Management reports for visitor analysis, emergency reports, and security alert reports are available.
  5. This system also boosts the organization’s productivity.

The following are the features of the gate pass management system:- 

The gate pass is frequently tailored to the needs of the organisation or residential complex. Visitor Gate Pass Software is simple to use. Pre-registration, NDA signing, host notification, and other security features are available through the visitor management system. We have highlighted some of the system’s best features below:

Touchless check-in: Visitors can use their mobile devices to check in. The QR code can be displayed at the reception area. Users can check-in by scanning it.

Recognize Visitors: The visitor management system records visitor check-in identities with photographs and saves them for future use. This prevents unwanted visitors from entering the premises.

Visitor Traffic Monitoring: Effective monitoring of user traffic and waiting time. This system is use to keep the crowd under control in the workplace. You can monitor visitor traffic using the occupancy feature. You can find out who is in the workplace and why they are there.

Digital Badges: The visitor’s digital badge is assigned by the visitor management system. This type of e-badge improves workplace security. If an unwanted person does not have any e-badges, he can be identified. This way, you can protect your workplace from robbers and unwanted visitors.

Visitor screening: In the midst of the COVID 19 outbreak, visitor screening is critical. Workplaces must ask visitors a few questions about any health-related issues such as fever, cough, and so on. This way you can screen the visitors.

Notifications: The visitor management system sends an email and SMS alert to the host when a visitor arrives, including visitor details and timings. After the visitor screening, if any of the visitors exhibits symptoms of the virus, this system sends alerts to the staff, who can then refuse the visitors’ entry.

In conclusion

A visitor gate pass management system allows you to effectively control and track visitor traffic in your organization. It aids in preventing unauthorized or unwanted visitors from entering the premises. Using the Visitor gate pass system like vizitor, you can protect your workplace from the covid-19. This system improves the premises’ security and productivity.

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