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October Best Treks to the Himalayas

October Best Treks to the Himalayas

Soothing and lush mountain greenery combined with a scent of damp earth marked as the Monsoon’s end and autumn’s beginning. Last season, thanks to the showers. October is the right month to give up in the Himalayan landscapes. Witness the majestic colors of autumn with its green leafy forests, water bodies and lush green mountains that compliment the blue sky. Trekking in the Himalayas can’t be a better time than in October. At dusk and dawn the beautiful sky shades will be a glaze on your trip’s cake.

In October we have some remarkable walks, which take away all your concerns, to escape the monotony of everyday life. So if you wonder where this autumn should go, in October we have gathered some treks from the Himalayas which could be your pleasure.

Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp Trek (also called EBC) allows you to experience some of the highest peaks in the world, including the highest peak of all – Mount Everest, a multitude of reasons for the trekking tours. In the National Park of Sagarmatha, the terrain is basically a cold desert with very little vegetation of any kind, for much of the trek. The starting point for the trek is an adventurous and short flight from Kathmandu. The town called Lukla is a little village. While this tour is fairly long, it offers lots of great attractions as monasteries and suspension br apart from the base camp.

October is one of the most favorite months of the EBC trek for the ideal season. The weather remaining quite consistent during this time and you won’t have too much to worry about the cold nights and the delays of your journey. Now it doesn’t seem very daunting, in contrast to what many people believe, to trek to the EBC. Indeed, anyone with a good fitness level and physical training for some months can take part in this spectacular journey. Certainly, walking at these high altitudes with less air oxygen may challenge you to your limits, but it certainly worth the effort to get an overview of the highest summits in the world.


A trekking pleasure for every adventurer that wants to visit sparsely crowded places and a paradise in Autumn. Because Kedarkantha is widely known for winter walks, October is the best month if you want to avoid crowds.

The panorama of the mountains will also be unchanged by the clouds during this month. The trekking route seems to come directly from a painting on canvas, charged with breathtaking views of Mt Swargrohini, accompanied by the scenic trail of Kedarkantha.

During your walk, you’ll also meet many flowers flowering throughout the trail that will give the trekker a feeling of new life. The unity of nature offers such a wonderful view that you will be amazed all the time. The hill is known as Shiva, as Kedarkantha trek, meaning Shiva throat, also has various temples. Devotees walk along this hill in the quietness of Shiva’s residence to seek solace.

Beas Kund

The hike is to the Beas Kund where the origin of the Beas river can be seen, as its name indicated. What does it make more interesting than any other trek, however? Glacier melts into a small stream, which then takes the form of a robust river, the Beas.

This trek doesn’t win amongst others because of the view of the mountains or the river. It is the rough paths and paved paths that give you a sense of absolute happiness. Suitable for beginners and easy to complete within three days, this tour is ideal for people who want a miniature.

The month of May to October will be the best time to cross this trek. Since the temperatures are ideal for walking during this period, you get an excellent view of Mother Nature as well. Beas Kund is one of Manali’s most popular treks with relaxed mountains, wetlands, pristine air and whistling rivers. That’s the beauty of the trek Beas Kund!


Including four of the most amazing crests on the planet Kanchenzongda, Everest, Lhotse and Makalu, the Sandakphu offers a joyous view of the strong Himalayas. The most amazing peak of the State of West Bengal, located north-west of Darjeeling at a height of 11900 feet, lies in Sandakphu. The trek has all a trekker would like to do. So you miss something if you love hiking and haven’t yet done this hiking.

You will never forget the sublime sense of wandering around the rhododendron forest, the mammoth magnolias and the wild variety of magnificent orchids. Trekking through the national park of Shilgalila, adding another feather. Certain rare species like Pandas and Pangolins and birds are present in the national parks. The best time is from May to June or from mid-August to October to go on a Sandakphu Trek.

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