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Can You Extend Your Travel Insurance Plan?

Can You Extend Your Travel Insurance Plan?

Humans have had an innate wanderlust since the beginning of time. We naturally desire to discover new places and things to see, and we get great joy and wonder. Our personality has always been passed down through the generations in this way. Today, we must spend a lot of money to visit new places.

Why You Should Get Travel Insurance

Now, even though considering travel insurance during the planning of a trip is the last thing on your mind, you should know that the many benefits of travel insurance are crucial for your overall health and uninterrupted enjoyment. You do not want to experience any anxiety when traveling and having fun.

With Bajaj Allianz travel insurance, you avoid incurring easily avoidable costs. Every traveler occasionally encounters an emergency that necessitates spending additional funds. If you don’t have travel insurance, you’ll have to pay for it out of your pocket, which could be more expensive than anticipated. For this reason, you must always know how to buy travel health insurance.

Is It Necessary For Me To Upgrade My Travel Insurance?

Usually, you would only purchase insurance for the duration of your trip. Extenuating circumstances, however, might compel you to extend your journey. You might require a longer period for personal reasons. On the other hand, a situational emergency may also call for a delay. It makes sense to protect yourself from unforeseen mishaps like flight cancellations, lost luggage or travel documents, unexpected medical situations, and other likely scenarios in either case. *

What You’ll Need To Renew Your Travel Insurance

You must purchase a current travel insurance policy before your trip starts to extend it. Buying travel insurance abroad is possible if you arrive at your destination with one. You need an official document from the airline with the date and reason for the cancellation if you need an extension due to a flight cancellation. You may be required to present a medical certificate for any medical reasons. *

How Can My Travel Insurance Policy Be Extended?

You can extend your international travel insurance online policy by calling the 24-hour helpline or sending an online request outlining your circumstance and the need for the extension. You should disclose your current insurance coverage and any existing medical conditions, if applicable. After providing these details, you must pay an additional premium for the extended period of insurance coverage. You can use a credit card, debit card, or online banking to make an online payment.*

When Extending Your Travel Insurance, Keep The Following Things In Mind As Well

Although the guidelines for extending travel insurance vary depending on the insurer, it is always a good idea to get started at least a week to ten days before your current policy expires. With different insurers, the extension period may be different     . However, you can typically extend your travel insurance for up to two weeks. For this period, there is a surcharge required. Online banking can be used to make payments.*

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