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Bangalore’s Best North India Treks

Bangalore’s Best North India Treks

Brahmatal Trek – Uttarakhand 

This is the truth about the fact that Dev Bhumi from our Uttarakhand is the reason for the gods’ extreme penance here and you can certainly hear the stories of Gods and Goddesses anywhere you go Uttarakhand. Today, here people have confidence in this pond. Brahmatal is a beautiful lagoon that goes out from Lohajung’s Chamoli base camp of Uttarakhand of the Himalayas, the height of this walk’s 12,250 feet.

This trek begins in Kathgodam and is approximately five nights six days. In the course of the trek, we will climb from Lohajung to Brahmatal for around 4.678 feet in 2 to 3 days and Bekaltal will be attracted to you by Bekaltal, as a means of exploring those two pristine glacial lakes and enjoying camping along the frozen shores of Bekaltal. Because of their heavy natural elegance, the sight of both would certainly celebrate your eyes.

Kedarkantha Trek – Uttarakhand

At an altitude of 3,800 m in Uttarakhand, Kedarkantha is perched. And the Kedarkantha trek provides six days of stay with a taste for ideal adventure. Probably, the popular winter trek is Kedarkantha! In winter it has unparalleled elegance.

The path is hidden in a large snow blanket. The lush green forests turn white, making it a beautiful little country! Not only expert trekkers but amateurs as well as children will enjoy this hike in Kedarkanta!

Baraadsar Lake Trek – Uttarakhand

Lake Baraadsar, 4300m above sea level, in Western Garhwal between the valleys of Rupin and Supin. Baraadsar is not familiar with the trekking culture, but the lake is popular among the locals, as it is sacred to them. The legend says a prayer never goes unanswered in Baraadsar. The path to the lake starts from the Rupin valley through different villages, then through the forest, and then across a ridge between Supin and Rupin. The nearly 3 days ridge walk offers excellent views in all directions. The final climb takes you up to a high ridge at 4400 m with a panoramic view over the lake.

Sar Pass Trek

The Sar Pass trek is about realizing a picturesque dream and the unbelievable magic of nature in its purest form being struck. The trek passes through a frozen lake called Sar and is thus referred to as Sar pass trek. This walk in the Parvathi valley is an intimate natural experience that welcomes travelers and this lucid Sar Adventure for rejuvenation. During a trek between pines and birds in thick forests, the travelers explore the campsite in Grahan in Parvati valley, at 1580 meters in Himachal Pradesh district, in a high-altitude village in the Kullu district.

This splendid five-day journey of the Sar Pass offers a simple to moderate trekking experience including 0-20° and an average of 7-8km per day of walking. The beauty of the Parvati valley overlooks the Sar Pass, which treasures the natural wonders of the whole trek. The mountains snowy, untouched hills, and stretched pastures represent nature’s abundance of sovereignty. The Sar Pass Trek recommends an adventure, an exploration of nature, and a lifetime of memory building.

HarishchandraGad Trek

Maharashtra, Harishchandragad is one of Mumbai’s best high fort. Strong fortresses have many entry paths, such as the route to the Gate of Junnar, Sadhale Ghat, Nalichi Wat, and Indore Wait.

The carvings from the Nageshwar temples of Khireshwar, Harischchandreshwar temple, and Kedareshwar cellar suggest that the fort was built in the Middle Ages as it relates to Shaiva, Shakta, and Naath. The fort later became Moghuls’ power. In 1747, the Marathas took it.

Salher Fort Trek

Salher is a place in the Nasik district of Maharashtra, India, near Waghamba in the Satana tehsil region. It is located at 1,567 meters above sea level (5,141 feet) after Kalasubay in the Maharashtra Mountains and is the second-highest peak on Western Ghat. 

It was one of the famous forts of the empire of Maratha. The money that was gained after the raid on Surat was first transferred to the Fort of Maratha. Salotafort is a Maharashtra hill fort, India. It is situated in Nashik’s Baglan district. It is situated near the fort of Salher.

Chadar Trek Frozen River Trek

The journey begins in Leh’s mountain city. The only way to get to Leh is by flight, with a white look surrounded by snow. You can see the snowcaps from the flight down to Leh, 11400 meters above sea level. You can see the snowcapped mountains.

The walk is across the Zanskar River, frozen in winter. In February, it will be the best time to cross the ice. The ice appears to be in its most stable state during this period. The River Trek starts in the small town of Chilling, which is the first place to freeze the River Zanskar.

Markha Valley Trek

One of the most popular treks in Ladakh is the Markha Valley Trek. This trek passes in breathtaking villages lined with high mountains in the deep valley. For one eye, the views on the road are dramatic.

You can stay at home during the hike and this is an excellent chance to discover local people’s daily lives. Markha is the home of an elusive snow leopard, part of the Hemis National Park. This Chilling Tour is a shorter and simpler version of Spituk’s Markha Tour.

The Sham Valley Trek

A 3-day trek for beginners or those looking to do something warm-up before a more strenuous adventure is the Shaam Trek—also called the “Baby Trek.”

Those who hoped to warm up a little before a harder adventure. While one of the easiest hikes in Ladakh, often because of the altitude the Sham Valley Trek is tiring, and you will surely break a sweat. A basic fitness level is still required, but we recommend it to anyone in Ladakh who wants a short or beginner trek.

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